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"You're making this all up, aren't you," Mom said, glancing over her shoulder at me.
"Why would I make up these stories?" I asked her with a little smile.
"Just to tease me," she said.
We were stretched out on a blanket in the middle of a forest clearing and she was on her belly with her head resting upon her folded arms, while I stroked her ass which glowed in the late afternoon sun. Anal sex was still a verboten avenue yet to explored but that never stopped from fingering her asshole, rubbing the tiny clenched muscles without actually penetrating.
"It's all true," I said after a ... Continue»
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Big cock and a little cock for my wife

It had been my fantasy for a long time to share my wife with another guy.A guy with a big cock.The bigger the better.My cock was only 4 inches and although my wife Susan had never complained, I wanted her to have more.
I had been talking online to Jack for a while, and he had agreed to join us. I had sent him pics of Sue and he was well up for it. Talking Susan into it had been a bigger problem. I introduced the idea while we were having sex.Susan usually rubbed her clit to climax when we made love.I didn't think my little cock satisfied her enough.She was always crying "harder harder",when ... Continue»
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Cuckquean Fantasy Short Story Part 3

Hearing the sounds, clearly, of lovemaking coming from our bedroom--the thought of it being "our" bedroom breaking my heart but at the same time stimulating my mind and OMG, I'm dripping all over the floor as I crawl towards OUR bedroom where SHE is fucking my Master. I was hearing it...could I handle seeing it? I'm not I crawled into the room I could see Master f***efully fucking her, her legs up around his shoulders as He was taking her in the somewhat modified missionary position. My nipples were so hard, so I knelt there, her panties still in my mouth, the plug still in... Continue»
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Our Friends Strip My Wife

My wife Kacie and I had invited Robert and Marge our oldest friends over for a meal and as usual a few bottles of wine. We had all had fun and were feeling happy and as usual there was a little harmless flirting. The conversation as it often does when we’ve had a couple of bottles of wine turned to sex.

It started with Robert and me talking about the girls going topless on vacation and how they would never think of showing their tits off to strangers in this country. At which Marge asked Kacie if she had ever intentionally gone out in something that showed off her tits, like a see through t... Continue»
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Servicing My King’s Penis

checkout my profile i am looking for single women and couples to live with me and have my babies i am your king!

Servicing My King’s Penis

I knelt down to service my king by washing his penis. I prepared two bowls of warm water at the temperature he wanted: One soapy with aromatic, skin soothing sandalwood oils, and the other a rinse. Joining us was Julia, a young girl with green eyes and long blonde hair all the way down to her waist. She was selected to service my king after the washing because of... Continue»
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Helping Mom After Accident !!!

When Mom came home I had to move in with her as she has no one else.
The visiting nurse came only twice a week and that left me there alone to help. The nurse said she could use a bed pan,but Mom wanted a depends at night. I was very shy at first as I had never seen my Mom's womanhood before.
I was supprised that she was no shy about showing me all she had and spreading her legs open wide. Her slit was not real hairy and the lips of her pussy seem to be tight.
After a couple of mornings of changing her I thought nothing of it and just did it in a hurry.
Two weeks had pasted and nurse s... Continue»
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Hi my name is Stacy and I just turned sixteen years old two weeks ago. But it was last week when I was send by my mom to go spent a week with my grandfather that I received the greatest gift that any woman could received from a man, you see my grandfather popped my cherry last week. This was not the first time that my grandfather had taken a young cherry. Both my mother and my older s****r had their cherries popped by our dear sweet father and grandfather.

You see the women in our families have been giving up our pussies to our fathers and grand... Continue»
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My Husband caught me with my lover (Part 1)

My affair had been going on for 3 years, and it was mind blowing, he was a sensual lover and knew all the right things to keep me hot. We used to meet and go to a hotel once a week, I used to tell my hubby that I had business and needed to stay at the complex as it would be too late to travel home.
We had it all worked out, he would drive and I would get a cab, and we would check in under a married name.
I got to the hotel one night a little later than usual, and he was there, waiting for me, asking why I was so late. I told him it didn't matter, I just wanted to get up to the room and fu... Continue»
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first time continued

My first time continued

After my first experience at school with Dave there were to be a couple more incidents while i was helping out after hours. Dave told me he was always on site over the weekend and if i had nothing better to do i could always help him doing jobs around the school.
It was about a month later i went into school one Saturday morning, found the site manager in the main school hall, he seemed pleased that i had offered my help and suggested i could clean the changing rooms, he told me where i could find a mop, broom, bucket and cleaning materials and off i went, i was bru... Continue»
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Mikey's Mom

Mikey thinks we have been friends for a very long time. I'm not sure why he thinks we're friends really. I'm always making fun of him, telling him what to do, and talking about how much of a MILF his big tit mom is. Yet he puts up with all of it and doesn't even fight back at all.

I always loved to check out Mikey's mom's huge rack, so when he invited me over during the Summer, I of course agreed. When I arrived I made sure to take a good look at that sexy MILF laying out back in her tiny bikini. I don't know if that's even the correct word for it really, it was more like a tiny string that... Continue»
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Dream of Renee: First Night

My name is Marc, short for Marcus and my si-ster is Ren, short for Renee. This is how we became more than that, we became lovers.

Renee and I had grown up in different states and hundreds of miles apart, not to mention 10 years difference. I lived with our d-ad, but because we have different m-oms, we're really half siblings. We hadn't spent more that half an hour in the same room up until I turned 20 or 21, making her around 31. She came to visit after so long because she was getting married and wanted to establish ties with me and our d-ad before the wedding a few months down the road. I ... Continue»
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My Mum's Holiday part 6

Day 5

Time to get up, mum, I said, remember we're going on the coach trip today, you don't want to be late. Mum didn't look too pleased, but just said “I'm thirsty”. I got the litre bottle of Bubbly and carton of orange out of the fridge and poured her a large glass of Buck's Fizz, half and half. Mum immediately brightened up, took a long drink and smacked her lips. That's better, she said. Do you want some breakfast, I said. This'll do me, she replied, you go and get something if you want. So I went downstairs and had a quick bite to eat. By the time I got back, mum had nearly fi... Continue»
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This story is pure fiction and fantasy and contains reference to f***ed sex none consensual sex with reference to i****t sex in the contents young boy and young girl so if you do not like this kind of story of then please do not read move on to another otherwise you read at your own risk you have been warned.

Hi I would like to introduce my f****y to you,
My names john and I have a gorgeous wife called Lisa with a daughter called Amy,

We were married at 19 and had our daughter a year later I have a very successful business and so has my wife, she owns and ru... Continue»
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My friends mother again

After I learned about the location of the okra, I was careful not to jump over the fence at that place! I had waited almost 2 weeks before visiting my friend’s house, but the lure of his mom was irresistible, and I was going back today. I was pretty sure she would be alone, so after I had delivered my paper route, I had some cinnamon rolls I bought at the bakery about a mile away then walked to their house. It must have been around 9 in the morning when I jumped over the fence then knocked on the back door. She gave me a big smile as she opened the door and told me to come on in. As I sus... Continue»
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Jan remembers her mom having big saggy tits as she had given birth to six k**s and nursed them all. Her mom was very meek and her dad controlled the f****y. Sometimes as mom was serving breakfast he would open her robe and play with her saggy boobs. Either pinching them or sucking them and then he would run his hand to her pussy and finger her. One morning he said to the oldest son "Do you think this old cunt needs another baby in it? Maybe I should knock it up or let you be a man and knock it up. Want to stick your cock in here some more?" As he talked to the oldest son he spread her mom's le... Continue»
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Richie & Mummy Episode 4

The lorry driver's name was Jim. I opened my mouth wide to take his hardening cock, and started sucking hard on it. Richie had climbed up into the cab too, and had begun to wank his young pecker. “Isn't my Mum beautiful?” he asked the trucker. “Shit, you go around fucking with your mother?” Jim asked. “Why not? She's fucking stunning and hornier than any girl my own age I've ever fucked. We've just been in the pub and she's been showing off her cunt and titties to all and sundry. That makes me so hot! I had to go into the men's room and jerk myself off because I was so hot.” “She sure is one ... Continue»
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Richie & Mummy Episode 5

We were hardly in the door when Richie literally threw me on the sofa and started to rip my clothes off. His mouth sucked my nipples making them hard like organ stops, and his right hand was inside his pants pulling his young cock. “Fuck Mum I am so horny, I desperately need to fuck you. Tonight has been just incredible, but I think we both need to cum again, together.” “I agree my darling boy. You've shown off my titties and cunt in the pub, and you let me be fucked by a trucker, but I haven't had your cock in me! Richie, have you ever fucked a girl's ass?” He gulped and looked bashful. “Um, ... Continue»
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Richie & Mummy Episode 6

We were having breakfast before Richie went to school. “Mummy slut, I've been thinking about an idea since we met Jim the trucker last week.” I looked quizzically at him “oh yes darling fuck boy, what's that?” I asked. “Well you know that Jim the trucker said he wanted to meet you again to fuck, and he gave us the information about that layby where we could meet other truckers? Well why don't we set up a website and an email address, get you some business cards, and then we can be sure of getting you some regular cock.” I laughed and hugged my son. “What a brilliant idea! Tell me more about yo... Continue»
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Jack, Jen & I Move Marisa

For those keeping track: In our last episode I had hooked Jenny up with Jack, the trainer from the gym, in exchange for which my wife was promising all kinds of delicious rewards. I had also agreed to help Marisa, that little firecracker, move in with Jenny, and had recruited Jack's help.

I was harboring all kinds of naughty, salacious thoughts, involving Marisa, Jenny, threesomes and foursomes (and more-somes). But for now, time to get to work.

* * * *

Cheryl and I had an understanding. Saturday mornings were mine. I often met the guys from work for golf, but this Saturday I had agre... Continue»
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Beth's Last Virgin Hole

s****rs, Amie, and Beth's last hole - what a night.

s****rs work it out, Amie plays well in small groups, and Beth's Virgin ass, finally!


Any hopes I had of sl**ping in were destroyed with the cacophonous pounding.

I looked over at my alarm clock and growled when I saw it was a few minutes past 9.


As the pounding continued, I knew I'd get no more rest. I struggled through my morning ablutions and a little more ready for the world, headed out to find out what the bl**dy blue blazes was creating such a racket.

There was a crowd just outside the... Continue»
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