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Hot tub ass fuck

Hotel living isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
However, since I had no one else to answer to, I was able to do as I pleased, and this weekend I was not scheduled to work, so I wanted to just lounge around, get a walk in and perhaps some hot tub later on, depending on how many k**s there were in the pool area. I like k**s, just not in the hot tub.
I got a good walk in to the mall, there was a large discount liquor store there, so I decided to see what they had, I might even find something I liked. Great big store, with sections for wine, beer and hard liquor, they even had all the condimen... Continue»
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She Knew it all Along - A true story by Hung Ladyb

I was in a hurry to get to a shoot that I had help to put together. I simply wanted to be early. I felt the side streets to the city would be my best option. If you know Atlanta GA terrain then you are aware of the pop up suburbs and condos all over. I was passing one such development and notice the type of chick I myself really dig. She had hips and ass and was facially attractive in an assertive kind of way. Anyhow she had a flat and practically jumped in front of my car. To be totally honest I had no intention of stopping despite her fuckability. I was sure the next horny guy with sexual am... Continue»
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beautiful sister erotic story

Where no man pakkara Maithili -in-law and then nattukkalenna chick , man , he can not be sure . Where such a super pikar Maithili -in-law . Actress Sneha in hue , the same beautiful nose , face kalaiyana , manvilikal , broadbeans ear , shiny chin , cankukkaluttu , Apple will putaittu kummenru Breasts , cikkenra pelvis , renal feature , Mars trunk thighs , smooth legs , feet tamaraimottu .. .. pulokarampaiyay was appappa .

Maithili vaittavan giving our b*****r . My s****r enjoyed ottumakilkiran anuanuvay like Apsara . Nattukkontu for me to see her brood , and that's where kuti kuti where tut... Continue»
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He hands his wife over for submission

Their car is already at the motorway services when I arrive and I deliberately cruise slowly by to make sure that both husband and wife are sat waiting. I see two pale faces, his and hers, in the glare of my headlights and I know that my plan is going to come to fruition. I move past where they are backed into the furthest corner and park myself a good 200 yards closer to the bright lights of the service station and position my car to be facing directly towards them.
I call Antony to check that all is OK and to give him his instructions. As I end the call their interior light flicks on. I am ... Continue»
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Cass was just nineteen but the thing she liked the best was sex. She had been fucking guys since she was just fifteen. The boys at school knew how easy she was and she spent every date on her back. She loved to fuck and suck cock. She had even fucked many of the boys dads as they heard from the boys what a slut she was and how good she could suck cock and fuck. She liked fucking the men better than the boys as they were experienced lovers and knew what they wanted. She was willing to do anything with them for some cock.

She had answered an ad from a widow man that was looking for a housekee... Continue»
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Wife Dominated by the Babysitter

Fiction...blah blah blah… Usual disclaimers, you know the stuff by now…

Well, me and my wife Kim were on the way home from a night out with friends, the usual shit, restaurant, couple of drinks, me driving. As ever, she’s bending my ear about some nonsense that must only be important to women because I’m really not getting any of it, I’ve got bigger things on my mind…
You see, I’ve been shagging the babysitter for months now. She’s called Danielle, she’s 18, only short but with a frame to die for. Nice cans, tight arse, long dark hair, bit rough around the edges but that first time I drove... Continue»
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Uncle Joe slept in my room

Sex stories or stories about sex are meant to excite and titillate, usually other men who read and substitute themselves into the story, and take their turn with the author, namely me, Mariel, a women in her prime of life, a woman who knows what it is she wants from life and men, married, but still slave to the excitement sex brings, knowing men crave to lie between your legs and enter your slit and feel your inner warmth close around their cock as they push in as far as their length can take them, and feel my response, as I symptomatically hump their cocks for my own pleasure, my utterances i... Continue»
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went to a porn theatre

I got off the cab, walking down the street, looking for the right door number. I was wearing a tight black dress, pair of fishnet stockings, black underwear and black heels. I've put on my cats ears already in case some of the guys would wait outside. I've met one straight away, quite handsome, taller than me. Smelled nice, I think he was a little hesitant to get inside and share me with others.

We've walked in together, I dropped my stuff in a locker by the reception and we went down the stairs, into a very dark corridor. As I was walking through the darkest part, I could feel the presence... Continue»
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Alice Johnson was what you would call normal, boringly
normal. She was 28 years olds and her life had been
mostly uneventful except for a few odd situations. She
had never married, really never had a significant
relationship. She felt lonely at times particularly after
her mother died last year but was mostly satisfied with

She'd worked for the past 4 years at Peter Johnson's
accounting firm as a bookkeeper. She enjoyed her work and
the salary was enough to keep her comfortable. She also
had a nice benefit package since the firm was rather

"Hello, ... Continue»
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At the beach

The year that I turned 18 was a busy one for me. I had
just taken my A level exams at college, and was waiting
to see if the results would allow me to go to the
university of my choice. I had a long hot summer to
wait, and spent the summer living in a holiday chalet
that my parents owned on the Norfolk coast. I spent
every sunny day on the beach, and in the evenings
worked as a barman in a large holiday village nearby.

I had a lot of sex that summer, working in a holiday
village meant a constant supply of women who considered
sex an essential part of the holiday experience... Continue»
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As you know from my more timeline updated stories living in a country town can be a blessing or a curse. Long before I met my husband there was a hot man that I was chatting with on a regular basis here on squirt.

Through various chats and of course video conferences we are always horny to meet up and the opportunity doesn't always present itself. Even after my husband and I where married Jack and I kept in touch, it didn't feel at the time like cheating as it was always a mutual jack off session via Skype or the video chat on Squirt.

Finally a couple of years later we finally cemented... Continue»
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Paying Mommy’s Mortgage

As long as I can remember I have had a penchant for wearing nylons and lingerie: pantyhose; stockings; silk, satin or nylon panties (not those horrible cotton things or G-strings that are like candyfloss in your arse crack -- I mean, full cut panties, cami-knickers, or boy leg panties); garter-belts; slips -- both half and full; basques and corsets.............I can go on but you get the picture.

I also have a fetish for high heel shoes: sandals, pumps, courts, stiletto heels, kitten heels, stacked heels, Cuban heels, platforms, open-toe, "Pilipino bar girl fuck-me shoes"; you name the hig... Continue»
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An Unlikely Threesome

My folks divorced when I was f******n. Dad moved out and left Mom and me with the house. For a few years my Mom never dated and that was the time when her and I began fucking. She had ambushed me one day after work by exposing her naked body to me. She seduced me and it is documented in a story in my archives. This is the story of another night that turned into a fuckfest with Mom.
It was a Saturday night and my Mom was getting ready to go out on her first date with a guy since her divorce. She met this guy at work. She was nervous and a bit frantic while getting ready. I didn't reall... Continue»
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I trust my daddy

I trust my Daddy by bullustampur

Chapter I
Joan was on her way home on a Tuesday afternoon. She was a pretty woman, even beautiful, in her mid thirties. Her husband, Tim, was a year older than she. She was thinking back, to the time when they started dating. They were s*******n and eighteen at the time. She sometimes thought about it when they were together for the first time. No, not really when they were together for the first time. That was far to indecisive. But rather, when they fucked for the first time. That couldn't be misunderstood.

They went to the movies that night. Tim was d... Continue»
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Beach Blonde

Beach Blonde

Synopsis: A beautiful but troubled blonde seductress meets a young
man on the lookout for some fun. Too late, he realizes that
"fun is in the eyes of the beholder."

I was meandering along the boardwalk one summer evening
watching the interaction among various groupings of people. Teenage
couples stopped to lean against the aluminum rails and press bodies
against each other and neck. Married people were pushing toddlers
in strollers. Older people, some in twos and threes, were walking
purposely for exercise, avoiding ... Continue»
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UK Paki Friends Sister Creampie

When I lived in Bolton I knew this paki girl she was very shy and had no confidence, she was a virgin and never went out just cooked and cleaned at home she didnt even have a mobile phone, I knew her through her b*****r who was my friend and id sometimes go around and see her. my friends parents went to pakistan for 2 months leaving my friend his 2 lil b*****rs and his s****r back in England. one day when I was around my friends id just happened to have moment alone with his s****r we just talked a little in general she talked about never knowing how to use a mobile phone and shes always at ho... Continue»
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interesting walk

true story just happened

i was out for a my usual morning walk. I had taken care to dress in the my short black and white dress. the one with the diamond heart on the front. i had on my sheer leggings over blue bikini panties.

shortly after talking with some of the others gurls in the area, i was approached by a black man saying he loved my slim build and long legs. we chatted a bit and i continued my walk with him pressing me to spend some time with him. he told me how big his cock was and asked if i would like to see it.

hell yes.. we found a quiet area and as he leaned back agai... Continue»
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A slut

After turning 18, Helen was working in a roadhouse and lots of young truckers came through the joint. Helen had fucked most of them after only 4 months slinging hash........she had slung her juicy young cunt at a lot of cock.
She had been fucked in Whites, Macks, Freightliners and even gang-banged on a pile of tarpaulins by a gang of truckers. She loved the feel of cocks ramming deep in her young pussy driving her over the top with orgasm after orgasm. Eventually the inevitable happened........the Bullsperm she was taking everyday finally made its way up through her cervix and into her womb ... Continue»
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Jayden's Dark journey Chapter 3 by Micah Cook

Darius began to run his hands all over the younger white teen. His one
of his hands slipped under the back waistband of the dirty basketball
shorts as Kenyon kept Jayden busy by kissing him and playing with his
nipples. He rubbed the younger boy's ass all over `til he finally reached
the black butt plug. Once he reached it he began pulling and pushing on it
causing the young white teen to moan into Kenyon's mouth.
"Let's go over there into the woods where we won't be disturbed
J'man," Said Darius with a lust filled smile as he picked up his and
Jayden's skateboards. He and Kenyon ... Continue»
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Jayden's Dark Journey Chapter Five by Micah C

The next thing Jayden knew another cock began sliding in his
ass. As soon as it slipped in place, he began to massage and milk the new
man spike slowly, but deliberately working his insides. Someone held the
brown bottle under his nose and he began to inhale, before another unknown
cock entered his mouth for him to suck one while being fucked. He no longer
cared that a bunch of strangers were using his body for their pleasure, all
he wanted was to continue using the d**gs they were feeding him and be
His moans and whimpers of want and pleasure seemed to make the men
around h... Continue»
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